PT Garuda Potensia Nusantara

Expertise Back End Developer

Kota Adm. Jakarta Pusat (DKI Jakarta)
Lamar Sekarang
2 orang sudah melamar.Diposting 25 April 2024 (12:47:52)
Job Description

    Job Description:
    - Lead a project team to deliver end-to-end projects across the software development life cycle
    - Design, testing, and develop highly scalable, available, and maintainable backend systems
    - Collaborate in a highly cross-functional environment with Software Engineers, Product Managers, Quality Assurance to deliver impact
    - Guide and review technical designs and coding outputs of the team, taking responsibility for progress and quality of projects
    - Optimize the process of developing, debugging, testing, releasing, documenting, monitoring and operating on the cross-stack systems in the team
    - Design well layered engineering architectures to model product requirements, abstract reusable components, and decouple independent modules
    - Set the technical direction of the backend architecture, plan deliverables and milestones to execute the team's engineering strategy
    - Mentor and coach team members on backend software engineering principles and practices
    - Cultivate technical culture and innovation, and enhance engineering quality on a cross-team level

Job Requirements

    - Bachelor's or a higher degree in Computer Science or related qualifications
    - At least 5 years of experience designing and troubleshooting highly scalable and maintainable distributed systems
    - Strong competencies in algorithms and software architecture
    - Experience in refactoring systems based on complex product requirements, to improve maintainability and development efficiency
    - Hands-on proficiency in an object-oriented programming language, such as NodeJS or others
    - Hands-on experience in backend engineering middleware internals, such as:
        - MySQL, 
        - MongoDB,
        - Unit test,
        - Microservice,
        - Nats,
        - Docker,
        - Message queue system,
        - Message broker, 
        - Database Optimation,
        - Redis high availability strategie

PT Garuda Potensia Nusantara

Expertise Back End Developer

Kota Adm. Jakarta Pusat (DKI Jakarta)
Full Time
Nama Perusahaan:
PT Garuda Potensia Nusantara
Level Jabatan:
IT - Perangkat Lunak
Bisnis Utama
Jasa / Pelayanan
Company Size:
< 50 Karyawan
Head Office:
Kota Adm. Jakarta Pusat (DKI Jakarta)
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